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Abstracts Accepted for ORAL Presentation and Publication

2022 NISA Conference Instructions to ORAL Presenters

Congratulations on the acceptance of your abstracts for ORAL presentation!

You will be presenting on Wednesday September 14th, 2022, during the session scheduled between 10:25 AM -1:00 PM. Your exact time slot for presentation will be contained in the book of abstracts.

You will have 10 minutes for presentations and 5 minutes to address questions.

 Send your slides to latest 11.30pm on Saturday, 10th September 2022.

Bring a copy of your presentation in a flash drive to the conference and submit to Udoka Anyanwu, the conference ICT team lead.

Technical specifications for presentation slides:
1. Aspect ratio of ppt slide: 16:9
2. Use only MS office power point ONLY to prepare slides.
3. File size should not exceed 15 MB.
4. Use MS Office version 10 and later to prepare slides.
5. Use Sans serif fonts and use slide master to ensure uniform and legible fonts size.
6. Adopt color combinations that enhance contrast for improved visibility.

7. Target having between 10 – 15 slides so you can finish you presentation within time.

Award will be presented for best ORAL presentation at the Gala night
You are required to register so please make sure you have completed registration.

Congratulations once again!

Abstracts Accepted for ORAL Presentation

Abstracts Accepted for ORAL Presentation 10

Abstracts accepted for Publication

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