NISA Sponsors

We would like to thank all our current partners, sponsors and exhibitors for helping to make our conference possible.

2020 NISA Sponsors

Upholding the rich heritage of Johnson & Johnson, we are taking on the toughest challenges, and, ultimately, we hope to do our part to close the gap of inequity and pave the way to a healthier future for the world’s most vulnerable and underserved populations. More from Johnson & Johnson.

The institute of Human Virology, Nigeria implements and strengthens supports groups to improve psychological well being, and facilitate adherence and retention among adolescents living with HIV. More from Institute of Human Virology.

2020 NISA Organizing Agency

We are a US-based non-profit focused on maternal and pediatric healthcare. More from HealthySunrise Foundation.

Dedicated consulting teams work closely with clients and stakeholders to identify and really understand their challenges in delivering large scale health programs, helping inform solutions that better deliver and manage healthcare in under-served communities. More from Broadreach.

CIHP is dedicated to improving quality of life in the communities by ensuring that community members achieve high standards of health. More from CIHP.

2020 NISA Hosts

ECEWS is a non-governmental organization with focus on healthcare, education and poverty reduction across Africa’s most vulnerable communities. More from ECEWS.

Solina Associates is a management consulting firm that works with government, businesses, researchers and development institutions to develop innovative solutions that address pressing social and economic development challenges. More from Solina.

Together, we are bringing over 30 brands and leadership positions to better serve patients today and invest in the medicines of the future. More from AbbVie.

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